Here Are 5 Myths About Certified Car Dealers You Should Know


Buying a second hand car is not a tough task these days. If properly go for a hunt in market, you can easily find well organized car dealers which facilitate the acquisition and disposal of used cars. But being updated about the market and its trends is one important key to be able to get best deals. We all often hear people say, don’t purchase a used car or purchase a used car only from a certified dealer. Many different myths are made up in the mind of people regarding Certified Car Dealers and here we will decode some of them.


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Know more about car dealers myths and the truth:

Myth 1 – Knowing the Invoice Price will Get you a Better Deal on the Vehicle

Truth- Knowing as much as you can about the car that you want to own is the first trick to get the best price on the car, but having that information doesn’t necessarily mean you can just walk into a dealership and demand to pay invoice, because the consumer doesn’t dictate prices in the automotive world. Dealerships and the Internet don’t set prices either. So, what does dictate automobile pricing? The answer is supply and demand.


Myth 2 – 100% Accident Free Cars are Sold in THE Certified Car Outlets

Truth- This is definitely the weirdest myth that most of the people have in their minds about the used cars and certified dealers. This is not true at all. All types of cars are entertained at a dealership, no matter what condition they come in. Refurbishment is done on the cars but thinking that it is accident free, just because it looks fine, isn’t right.

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Myth 3 – The Lesser The Kilometers on A Pre Owned Certified Car, The Better Is The Deal

Truth – The car engine is made up of many small mechanical parts. As with any mechanical stuff, regular usage and proper maintenance is what really matters. It all boils down to how the car has been handled and maintained. Cars that are idle for long will need some serious servicing to get it back on road and run efficiently. So, you can’t judge it to be fine if it’s not been used for long.


Myth 4 – Reliability Factor

Truth – Certified Cars are serviced by experienced professionals & as we expect no preventive maintenance is done. For example: If a car to be sold has “disc pads” which can last for a couple of thousand kilometers, they will not replace it, same applies to wheel bearings, battery, clutch and pressure plate. However they do replace clutch cable & similar parts which cost only a few pennies.


Myth 5 – Financing Through The Dealer Is Always More Expensive Than Getting Outside Financing

Truth – Some car dealerships have relationships with banks. The car dealership either owns the bank or vice versa. In some cases you just find that they deal with only ten banks. In any of the cases listed you will find that it may benefit you to look for your own loan through a bank first before approaching the dealer. The dealership can always give you an estimate for a car loan through them and you can compare the offers.


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