7 Quick and Free Online Business Tools You Should Start Using Now

online business tools

So, finally you have decided to head start a small business of your own. There is no doubt that being an entrepreneur is something very exciting and honorable. But, on the other side, it is even more challenging to manage different aspects of the business. However, there are many online business tools available for small businesses and those are even easier than ever to help you out on almost all your small business challenges.

During a survey, many entrepreneurs accepted that small business is not an easy task what people think of, even, often it is tougher to run a small venture of your own. So, today we bring to you a list of effective online business tools for small businesses you should start using now:

Free Online Business Tools For Small Business

1 – Slogan Generator

When it comes to counting the value of a brand identity, taglines or slogan plays an important role to make the difference. All big and small businesses understand the value of a slogan in terms of their product and services promotion.

To make a strong impact on your targeted customers, all you need is eye catching and effective tagline or slogan to effectively describe your services and grab consumer’s attention. And, to get such kind of eye-catching slogan all you need is a creative copywriter.

But what if you don’t have that much of the budget or capital to invest in a copywriter? This is when you’ll need an online slogan generator to provide you the best slogan.

2 – Barcode Generator Tool

In this world of pacing technology, barcoding gain popularity among various small businesses as well large businesses to tackle their inventory tracking and management. Managing inventory is not an easy task, that is why barcodes came into existence and that is what you need.

The barcode also helps businesses to save sizable on their operational costs besides making the inventory management procedure more convenient. You don’t need to make manual entries with Barcoding as it also cuts down the need for manual data entry, which is reducing the probability of human error as a result.

3 – Online Image Resizer

In the list of best free online business tools online Resizer in something which plays a crucial role when it comes to resizing images such as social media posts, banners, and products for your business needs. Create amazing creative.

There is no doubt that one element that affects your business is the display of your products and services through photos. But, what if your business images are not up to recommended sizes? Unclear and improper photos on your website can damage your brand image. A customer would even exit your site as a result.

But now, there are various free online image resizers are available in the market to counter this situation. Editing your product banners, images and display ads were never so easy to create with free online image resizer tools, even you can use these tools to put a watermark on your images to counter copyright challenges, but, all you need is to pick the right one for you.

4 – Online Business Loan Calculator

You invested a lot what you already had as a capital to start your small business. Now, it’s time to expand your business and to avail useful resources, all you need is a loan. Yes, at this moment, the loan is the fine escape for you in order to expand your business.

But, what would be the cost and terms will be needed to get a healthy loan? This challenge often haunts many entrepreneurs, but, if you have a good understanding of the terms and cost of availing a loan, then all you need to figure out that what it really costs you and if it is beneficial for you or not.

So, to get an idea about these doubts and to do it so effectively, all you need is an online business calculator that’s very handy, quick and easy to use without any hassle.

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5 – Online URL Builder

Gone are the days when online URL builder tools were used by digital agencies or digital marketers, now small businesses are more aware of this amazing tool by Google. The Google URL builder is a free tool to track all your business marketing campaigns online.

With the help of this free yet effective tool, you can easily manage your marketing efforts on various fronts of online promotion channels.

6 – QR Code Generator

At a glance, a QR code just looks like the barcode, but they are readable by mobile devices to store useful data as compared to barcodes. You can store your business details in QR code such as contact number, website urls, and email addresses etc.

A huge popularity of smartphones also increased the demand of QR code that is why there are plenty of QR code generators available online but keeps in mind, all you need is to choose the right one.

7 – Paypal Fee Calculator

If you are doing business online and want easy online transactions, then PayPal can be the best option for you. PayPal is the renowned online payment system, which offers you an easy online transaction to receiving payment from your customers.

PayPal is free to use and there is no monthly fee. However, PayPal charge a little against currency conversion fees for overseas payments, which makes is it a difficult task to calculate the exact currency fee as the exchange rate keeps on changing on a regular basis.
Thus, it’s the reason why PayPal calculator comes into existence. This is a free online PayPal fee calculator which helps you understand what fee you’ll be charged by PayPal.

Surely, these amazing list of online business tools going to help you somewhere in your business, but it is also very important to understand the right need of these tools according to your business.


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