Speech Analytics – 5 Reasons Why Contact Centers Need This Technology

speech analytics-benefits

Various contact centers have their own ways to get in connect with their customer’s. But, the one motive of “understanding customers” is the same. Today, many small and mainstream companies considering customer services very seriously and taking it to the advanced level due to open competition in the market and that is why Speech Analytics technology gaining popularity.

This advance technology offers you to not only enhance quality and gain customer insights but also allow you to capture valuable insights and important data.

Here are some primary uses of speech analytics technology:

1 – Trend-Based Analysis: Speech analytics helps a business to identify volume trends of both predicted and unexpected causes for customer calls.

2 – Root Cause Analysis: this method helps contact center to better understand the reasons that people call.

3 – Sentiment Analysis: this method allows businesses to understand the emotional state of callers’.

4 – Call Analysis: Call analysis monitor call of agent and caller conversation times, including monitor silences, transfers, talking over and holds.

5 – Quality Assurance: this process helps in identifying important conversations that need management’s attention.


In recent years, many contact centers leveraging the ability of the speech analytics to create meaningful voice data and interaction trends to improve their services and customer experience. Speech analytics technology, when used properly by contact centers delivers fast and great results, some of its benefits are mentioned below:

speech analytics-benefits

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1 – Monitors and Coaches Call Center Agents Which Further Helps in Improving The Service Quality

Speech analytics software can be used by the call center manager for monitoring both call center agents and the customers simultaneously. They can track the adherence of scripts by the call center agents and make sure that all the regulatory needs are met.

Speech analytics tech is also profitable for the coaching call center agents, reducing the call volume and improving the first call resolution. Performance and operational problems which occur in the entire enterprise can be managed and tracked which leads to better service quality on the board.


2 – Save Money by Reducing Operating Costs

Within a period of 3 to 9 months, speech analytics can pay for itself. The software can bring down the costs of call center- helps in decreasing the operating costs by disclosing cost savings and ways of avoiding the money expenditure while generating increasing revenue.

Nonetheless, it is essential to keep in mind that while the advantages can be generous and big, they are not so easy to get. A powerful and convincing time investment and resources are needed to tune a speech analytics app for a particular site.

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3 – Helps in Understand Customers Call to Improves Customer Experience

According to the experts, bettering the experience of the customer is among the primary reasons that companies redistributes and expands speech analytics technology chiefly. This software analyses and mines audio data, which detects things like stress and emotions in the voice of the customer, the products mentioned, the reason for the call etc.

Users can instantly identify the expectations, wants and needs of the customers and work in accordance to that. Surely this is comparatively a new technology; however, speech analytics market is growing at a rapid speed. In the year 2007, speech analytics implementations number made a jump of 106% from the year 2006 bringing it to 1242.


4 – Avoid Costly Fines and Penalties for Non-Compliance

This technology allows contact centers to automatically analyze and monitor 100% of their calls, 100% of the time. In addition, contact centers can also efficiently enable every new agent to be fully compliant from their very first call.


5 – Improve Business Processes

The main motive of quality management in contact centers is to bring changes in behavior which will eventually have a positive influence on overall business. Thus, speech analytics offers the additional layer of intelligence to bring changes in recruiting, training, workforce management, monitoring, and coaching.


If you are looking forward to deploying speech analytics technology to your contact center, you can always get in connect with speech analytics experts from MattsenKumar, a leading speech analytics company. MK SmartSpeech offers a personalized speech analytics solution to clients across contact centers, industries, and verticals.


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