A 34-year-old Man Killed by DJ Inside A Bar Over Song Change

man killed by dj

New Delhi: A shocking incident took place in Delhi where a 34-year-old man stabbed to death by a DJ when he requested him to change the song at a discotheque in Punjabi Bagh area. According to sources, Police have arrested the accused and recovered a butter knife with which this incident took place. The said incident happened last night.

As per reports, the victim identified as Vijaydeep visited Raftar club in Punjabi Bagh with his friends. He did not like the song which was playing by accused Deepak Vashisht, alias DJ Yuri. According to witnesses, Vijaydeep went to him and asked him to change the song. But things turned wrong between the both as the DJ refused his request to change the song.

This turned thing ugly and a fight broke out between both of them. Reports also claim that the accused also thrashed female friend of Vijaydeep’s with a bottle and then flee from the club.

As stated by the police official, the entire incident of murder has been captured on CCTV.  “Vijaydeep threw the DJ’s laptop at him due to which accused got angered and he came down from his console and started stabbing Vijaydeep with a butter knife till he fell down,”.

According to the sources, police have already arrested the DJ today and a charge of murder has been registered against him. Also, the statements of witnesses are being recorded.