5 Persons Arrested With Rs 8.26 lakh in New Notes by STF

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Uttar Pradesh: Around Rs, 8.26 lakh in cash, mostly in new currency has been recovered from 5 persons arrested by the state STF on Saturday. The cash has been recovered from an ambulance in Chaubepur area of Varanasi.


According to the sources, as many as 737 kg of cannabis were also recovered from the ambulance.  G N Prasad, ASP (STF) stated that. “Of the total recovered money, Rs 8.26 lakh were in new notes of Rs 2,000. The rest are in Rs 100 and Rs 50 new notes”.

new notes

(Image Source: Times of India)

Those three arrested persons out of five have been identified as Bunty Yadav, Shrinath Yadav and Triveni Gupta of Azamgarh district and two out of them are Altaf Hussain and Zakir Hussain of Assam. The STF has also detained four cellphones and a Bolero from the accused.


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To arrest those accused, a trap has been laid by the STF team at Takwa crossing in Chaubepur and spotted an ambulance at 11.30 am parked nearby.

An official stated that “when we reached and detained the ambulance, we found around 134 packets of cannabis which were hidden under the seats of the ambulance.

When questioning, Altaf Hussain and Zakir Hussain, who drove the ambulance carrying cannabis from Assam to Varanasi, confessed that they are active members of a gang which is run by Assam-based kingpins Dileep and Rakesh and they had to supply the captured drugs to Triveni Gupta in Azamgarh”.


News Source: http://www.msn.com/en-in/news/newsindia/uttar-pradesh-stf-arrests-five-with-rs-826-lakh-in-new-notes/ar-BBxxrMY?li=AAggbRN&ocid=iehp


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