Why Bill Gates Impressed With PM Narendra Modi? Here Are Some Reasons

bill gates

Narendra Modi, Indian prime minister and one of the most popular Politicians in the Indian subcontinent and who’s also nominated as one of the four global leaders in TIME’s ‘Most Powerful and Influential People‘ list, recently got a new admirer in Bill Gates.


The renowned software billionaire and founder of Microsoft corporation, Bill Gates took to social media channels to acknowledge PM Narendra Modi for putting “the spotlight” on India’s open defecation problem through the Swachh Bharat (Clean India) mission.

bill gates

(Image Source: Australian Institute of Business)

Bill Gates wrote: “Indian Prime Minister @narendramodi put a spotlight on a subject that most of us would rather not even think about.” And linked his blog in the tweet.



In his blog, the elaborate titled India is Winning its War on Human Waste, he observed:

“Nearly three years ago, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi made one of the boldest remarks on public health that I have ever heard from an official elected by people of India. Even, It’s still having a big impact today… I can’t think of another time when a national leader has broached such a sensitive topic so frankly and so publicly. Even better, PM Modi backed up his words with real-time actions.”

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As we all know that, PM Modi had announced the Clean India mission in 2014 and it also included ending of open defecation in small villages and cities nationwide by 2019 with a motive of installing 75 million toilets all over the nation. The progress can be tracked on this dashboard.


Bill Gates, in an earlier tweet, had termed it an “amazing undertaking”.



Even, Gates also shared a VR video (Talking Toilets) he had captured on his visit to India.


“What I love most about Clean India is that it identified a big problem, got everyone working on it, and is using measurement to show where things need to be done differently. As the old saying goes, What gets measured gets done,” Bill Gates.


Well done, Narendra Modi. Well done, India!



News Source: mashable