Facebook Is Finally Taking a Step to Counter Websites Spreading Fake News

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Social media giant Facebook is uncertain to purge any updates or information on your News Feed — even when it comes to fake news. But, it doesn’t mean that Facebook doesn’t have sufficient tools and ability to counter sites that spread misinformation to make profits.

Here is how Facebook is taking action on fake news:

According to the company, it will take action on fake news websites and don’t allow them from participating in Facebook ad networks, cutting off a significant revenue source (stated in wall street journal). Recently, Google also sanctioned a similar policy for its ad service to counter the same problem.


But, there is one fold: even after the Facebook statement, it’s still unclear that how Facebook will identify such fake websites and take action, while it has leaned on user’s reports to flag content in the past. Any clarifications are still awaited.

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As per a news reported earlier this year on BuzzFeed stated that individuals outside of the United States making a lot of profits by cynically tossing out fully modified news catering to extreme partisans — Trump supporters in particular. Even, right-wing Facebook pages were found to share hoaxes nearly twice as often as left-leaning ones.


The formula is simple, with more than one billion users, Facebook is on top in the list of world’s largest social channels. Around the globe, people using Facebook service on a daily basis. Thus, this is the reason behind that online publishers relies on that audience to generate ad revenue — if a post or update goes viral on Facebook, that’s grabs a lot of potential eyeballs, that means a good chunk of revenue from ads.


Hoax or fake websites are majorly relying on uninformed users who generally click and share content which is based on sensational headlines.

According to the sources, some Facebook employees apparently agree, as a report surfaced Monday that a splinter group within the company is unifying to stand against the tide of fake news on the platform.


News Source: http://mashable.com/2016/11/15/facebook-fake-news-ad-network/#.PV1kqL1H5qQ

Image Source: Yahoo Finance


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