Freedom of Speech – Isn’t it Going in a Wrong Direction?


In the present situation prevailing in some place, there are subjects that are outside the purview of politics.  There are certain hypocritical groups that have been indulging in slogans that call for inciting hatred for the ideas that constitute our nationhood since long.


There have been many instances in the country that call for ruining the morale of our people and yet passionately hide their true intentions behind the veil of ‘freedom of speech’. But it is to be observed that the hypocrites mostly forget that they will enjoy their freedom of expression and freedom of speech, as the democracy will prevail in India only as long as the country survives.


It all started with the hue and cry that was being raised all over the country by the incidents that began in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). This incident was not just unfortunate but also it raised many questions in the minds of people of our country regarding our fundamental rights.


(Image Source: DNA India)

The main root of the anti-national cry started with a program that was organized by the university to mark the anniversary of the hanging of Afzal Guru in which anti-India slogans were raised. Leading to this program the video clip spread over the social media all across like wild fire across every nook and corner of the country.


After the out bringing of the clip citizens from all sections of society felt outraged this was the main reason for protest and slogans. From this time different video clips got viral which led different groups of pseudo secularists and hypocritical intellectuals into various explanations of their doublespeak.


People led to raising Different slogans of anti-nationalism which questioned Freedom of speech amongst citizens. Different Slogans of breaking up India and destroying India, and “Pakistan Zindabad” were raised which in no way be defended by convoluted logic.

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There is no doubt that incidents like this are on a rising day by day and this can be clearly seen on Indian media which is also misguiding a large number of individuals and groups all across. People often protest and during their outrage, they take advantages of their fundamental rights assigned to them.


The same happened at the JNU incident were the crowd mixed the concept of Freedom of speech with that of raising anti national slogans and calling it their fundamentals right. Such protest and activities need to be stopped and at no cost be tolerated and it should be confronted with strong approach and grounds.


(Image Source: Zee News)

It is to be understood that in such a situation any citizen of the country will outrage or react in the same manner. But the same situation was diverted by the pseudo secularists and fuzzy headed intellectuals through their tortuous arguments which were headed to divert the debate into an ineffectual topic.


The same was into different media platforms which gave explanations that were being handed out such as “Though the incident is unfortunate no action is needed and freedom of expression must be valued” further Rahul Gandhi also crowned his futile efforts by announcing that he will agitate against the action taken by the authorities. This led to an outflow of many discussions over the media.