Google’s New Pixel Phone Hacked In 60 Seconds at PwnFest Competition in Seoul


Uninspiring design aside, new Pixel and Pixel XL from Google are bizarre smartphones that surely give the iPhone a run for its money, especially when taking videos and photos are concerned.


Adrian Ludwig, the director of Android security at Google, told Motherboard that the Pixels smartphones are smart and as secure as iPhones at a security conference, earlier this month.


As per the Ludwig, “For almost all threat models [the Pixels and iPhone] are nearly identical in terms of their platform-level capabilities”.

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Well, besides the statement. On Friday, a group of white hat hackers China easily managed to hack a Pixel phone in 60 seconds at the PwnFest hacking competition held in Seoul, according to The Register.


The hackers won $120,000 in cash after successful demonstration of an exploit that cracked open the Android and gave them full remote access and personal information as well including, phone calls, messages, contact details and personal photos. The hackers work at Qihoo 360, which is a security solutions company.


According to the source, Google is now reportedly patching the recent exploit along with a previous hole that allowed rival white hat hackers at Tencent’s Keen Labs to crack down the Pixel’s security at the Mobile Pwn2Own event in Japan last month.


In the previous years, the iPhone’s been widely praised for its tight and strong security capabilities, and Apple CEO Tim Cook’s public fight and refusal to create a backdoor for the FBI earlier this year only strengthened the device’s appeal.


On the other hand, Android is far more vulnerable to hacking due to its various open source design and customization.


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