You Can Now Easily Make Shared Stories with This New Snapchat Update

snapchat shared stories

Snapchat announced a new Shared Stories feature on Tuesday which allows multiple people to share photos and videos to the same story. A collection of different posts that can be viewed for a limited amount of time.


According to this new updated feature, Snapchat users or we can say the so-called term Snapchatters can find the latest feature by swiping to the new Snapchat shared stories page, tapping on Create Story button located on top-right, and providing a name to their group story. Snapchatters can invite other users by username to add content to their group stories.


(Image Source: Social News Daily)

Alternatively, users interested in Snapchat shared stories can also pick to invite only their friends or friends of other friends within a precisely located area to contribute to their group story. That might be mainly useful for events like weddings and big parties.

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The group Stories will vanish if 24 hours are passed without any activity like user adding a new photo or video. This means groups of friends might make a game out of being active by keeping their shared Story alive, much like other Snapchat users strive to continue their “snap scores” with other Snapchatters. The group Story update is being rolled out to iPhone and Android users over the next few days, Snapchat says.


The update will come as Snapchat’s user growth is slowing as there is a cold war scenario battle with the Facebook-owned Instagram. That competitor app has been rising quickly in part by features popularized by Snapchat, including stories and visual effects called “lenses.”