New WhatsApp Video Calling – Know How to Get This Latest Feature

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It’s a good news for WhatsApp users, a new video calling feature has been launched and rolling out finally for WhatsApp users on iPhone and Android. The beta version of WhatsApp video calling feature was recently introduced for Windows and Android phones.

If WhatsApp latest beta version is already installed on your smartphone, or if in case this new feature is available to you after launch, then it is simple to start with a video call to connect with another WhatsApp user.

Some Key Highlights of This New Feature:

  • The new WhatsApp video calling feature is really easy to enable and get started with
  • This new video calling feature works similar to voice calls within WhatsApp
  • Both users need to have new app version supporting video calling within WhatsApp


So, if you are eager to know how to get this latest vide calling feature on your smartphone, here’s is how you can start with a video call.

Steps to make a WhatsApp Video Calling:

  • Start your WhatsApp application
  • Go to the Contacts tab
  • Search and tap the contact with whom you want to make a WhatsApp video call
  • Now, towards the top of the screen, tap on the phone icon
  • Choose Video call option from the popup
  • Here you go, you’ve finally made a WhatsApp video call!

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Important Note:

To make a video call through new WhatsApp video calling, both users must have the latest version of WhatsApp supports the feature. You may prompt with a feedback popup once the video call is over.

video calling-whatsapp


If in case, you already have the latest WhatsApp version installed on your phone, and still your phone don’t show the new video calling feature, there’s an another way out to get this feature.

Steps are simple, in order to enable this new video calling feature, first you’ll have to Sign up for the WhatsApp beta version. So, follow these below steps to get the beta version and enable video calling feature on your Android:

  • Visit Google Play store and search for WhatsApp
  • Now open Google Play listing for WhatsApp
  • Scroll down to bottom of the page
  • There you’ll find a section that says Become a beta tester
  • Now tap on I’M IN
  • Make a confirmation on the next screen and wait for a few minutes
  • Come back to Google Play and open WhatsApp listing page again
  • There you should display an option to update beta version of WhatsApp
  • Here you go, update the app!!


So, finally, you have your hands on the latest beta version of WhatsApp on your Android phone. This new version comes with support for WhatsApp video calling to make your first video call using WhatsApp, just follow those steps mentioned earlier.


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