Is Really Vinod Khanna Suffering from Cancer? A Photo of The Actor in hospital Goes Viral

vinod khanna

The bold and dashing star, Vinod Khanna, who at one time gave a huge competition to the big star like Amitabh Bachchan, is reportedly suffering from bladder cancer from last some months. While the family of Vinod Khanna is yet to confirm the news, a photo showing a pale-looking Vinod Khanna with his family went viral on Thursday.

The recent transformation in Vinod Khanna was drastic and fans started taking to social media channels to send their good wishes to the actor. According to the sources, when media tried to get in touch with the hospital for more information, a representative refused to give any comment while saying the actor is getting better.

Photo of Vinod Khanna Going Viral

vinod khanna

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The actor, who is also an MP from Gurdaspur, was admitted to a suburban Mumbai hospital on Friday last and was reported to be in recovery. While the hospital remained silent on this information about Vinod’s health at the request of his family, Vinod Khanna’s son Rahul Khanna had said that the actor is suffering from severe dehydration problem. Rahul stated “Dad was hospitalized for severe dehydration. The condition was quickly brought under control, he’s doing much better and the doctors are looking forward to discharging him soon from the hospital. Our whole family is most grateful for the amazing care he’s been receiving at the hospital and we are touched by all the good wishes pouring in,”.

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On Thursday, a picture of the actor with his family started going viral on various social channels in which Vinod Khanna looked a shadow of his former self. The actor was wearing hospital clothes. On the other hand, it is yet to be confirmed if Vinod Khanna is suffering from bladder cancer, we wish he’ll get well soon.

This year in February, the actor and MP Vinod Khanna had reportedly publicized he had cancer in a press conference in Gurdaspur.


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