WhatsApp Begun Testing of Two-Factor Authentication and Audio Playback Features


Earlier this year, WhatsApp came up with end-to-end encryption in order to make your chats and conversation more secure on its app. Now, this app which recently acquired by Facebook is looking forward to making it tougher for fraudsters to get hold of your account.

WhatsApp Two-Factor Authentication

According to sources, WhatsApp has started testing its two-factor authentication feature on Windows and Android Phone users. The upcoming feature, which offers users with an additional option to put an extra layer of security to the app, is now available for WhatsApp users on beta versions of Android and Windows Phone.

This recent beta version available for WhatsApp users on Android, dubbed v2.16.341 and above, offer “Two-step verification” option which users can find in the account settings. With this feature, users will be asked to enter a six-digit code and their email address to further link it with the account. Once this step activated, users are asked to enter their passcode when registering the phone number with WhatsApp on any other devices. WhatsApp also has this feature on Beta version for Windows Phone (v2.16.280).


Various security specialists have long expressed an utmost need for two-step authentication feature on every service. The lack of two-step authentication which is also known as two-factor authentication has resulted in a possible security hole that has been breached in the past by cyber fraudsters to get hold of others’ user’s accounts.

This feature typically needs app users to possess two distinct ways to identify themselves. There are two elements involves in this process, one is a hardware (in this case a SIM card), and the another one is, a passcode that you remember (in this case a pin or code).

This two-step authentication feature have had also available for quite some time on Facebook Messenger, as well as its rival apps such as Telegram and Line. There are several other services also offers two-step authentication feature which we have use in our daily life such as Facebook, Gmail, LastPass, and Twitter.

Background Audio Playback Features

But that’s not all. In addition, WhatsApp is also in a testing process of a new feature that would allow its users to listen to audio playback in the background as well. If any of your friends sends you an audio or music file, you will be able to continue listening to that music even if you move on to another chat.


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Image Sources: Neurogadget, itapunta.com


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