5 Top Alternatives of Google Adsense For Small Websites

Google Adsense

Whenever someone thinks of making money from a blog, Google Adsense is the best monetization platform available. But creating an Adsense account is not easy nowadays, mainly the approval part which a newbie blogger faces each And every time. The real problem occurs when Google disables your AdSense account

A smart solution for these problems would be to find the alternative of the same. The alternative for Google Adsense that are mentioned below might not be better than it, but depending on your geographical traffic and blogs niche, few Adsense alternative like media.net might provide better result than Adsense

Top Google Adsense Alternatives

1. Media.net

Media.net is one of the best alternative for AdSense regarding ad types, payment, PPC advertisements, etc
It is powered by Yahoo! And Bing which allows you to see quality ads
Media.net is a contextual ad network which defines if provides ads based on the content of the site. Contextual ads perform anytime better than any other type of ad, and that the main reason for popularity of Adsense

Some of the best features are:
• Contextual advertisements
• High revenue
• Mobile Ads
• Account Manager
• Neat and clean reporting dashboard
• One account for unlimited websites
• Multiple ad unit sizes

2. Amazon Advertisement Program

It would be surprised for you to see Amazon company as a monetization platform for bloggers but in 2k17 it is one of the popular choices for monetization

Amazon was just an affiliate program, but now they have started shopping ads and CPM based ads

Let’s take an example of the following:
• John clicks on one of the ads on your blog & goes to the Amazon site via your link
• He purchases any product on Amazon
• You get a commission of 4% – 8% (depending upon volume)

Now let’s say the product that Paul bought cost $100:
• 4% of $100: $4

This is just a small scenario. If John doesn’t buy the product which was recommended by you and purchases around eight products costing 1000$ then your earning will be around 40$.

You are making 40$ from just one referral, isn’t

3. Infolinks

Infolinks is an ad network which provides in-text link ad network that has been very much profitable monetization for many publishers
Infolinks offers many types of ads to be placed on the blog; popular one is in-text ad unit, followed by an in-frame ad unit

It does not have contextual ads like Google Adsense but is a good option as an alternative

The min payout for infolinks is 50$, and the mode of cashout is PayPal, e-check, ACH and Payoneer

4. Chitika Ad Network

Chitika (CHIH-THI-KA) is a contextual ad network means it shows ads based on the content of the website. This helps in getting more clicks as the visitors are interested in having more information on the topic. If you have a blog which has less traffic, then this ad network is mainly for you. If you are a WordPress user, then you should use their free plugin to place ads on your website

• Low eligibility criteria for publishers.
• Minimum payout is 10$
• Works for almost all the niche type.
• Different ad options including mobile types and others are available.

• Shows ad mainly on traffic from search engine.
• PPC ads are less in comparison to AdSense.

5. Skimlinks

Skimlinks is the ad network that converts the outbound links of your blog into affiliate links which lets you earn more money whenever there is a sale on your link

It is even possible that you can make ten times of the existing earning if you have a good amount of traffic as Skimlinks pay for affiliate sales and not for the clicks

The min payout for Skimlinks is 10$ that can with withdrawn using Paypal