Top 5 Smart Ways to Use Illustration for a Better UI Design In 2017

UI Design

It is a universally acknowledged fact that a picture is worth a million words. Considering this fact, human beings are wired in a way that they can process visual information instantly, and most of the information we perceive is transmitted to our brains visually.

A single image conveys more than a block of text to the users. However, a complex idea can be easily transformed into an image. This is because humans can understand visual information faster than a textual information.

People have always been fascinated with good interfaces since the result of an image completely depends upon a good interface. But recently, the interest of people in subtle illustrations has increased. And, since Singapore is an epitome of good website designs so it has to bear more burden of providing the best quality website designs than any other country.

The website design company Singapore imagines of having, is dependent upon the better illustration usage methods. Hence, we are here to provide you the best ways to incorporate illustration to create a better UI design.

UI Design

5 Smart Ways to Use Illustration for a Better UI Design In 2017

Homepage Illustrations

A good website design leaves a deep imperishable impact on the prospective customers. Since people gauge the potential of a company by the quality of its website, it enhances the importance of an engaging website design. Users’ perception matters a lot, which is why designers continuously keep trying to find different ways, making the website offer an interesting experience to the visitors. In the real world, first impressions always depend heavily upon the utilization of visuals. This is the point where illustrations come into play.

Homepage illustrations always embellish a website with an artistic vision. They capture the users’ imagination to create a strong personal connection with a particular user. The process of creating exquisite customized illustrations can part you from the world and synthesize a better brand recall.


They are little characters that have an ability to enhance the quality of a product. They increase the aesthetic appeal of a product while making it more engaging, trustworthy and authentic on the product’s bar of improvement. Mascots are known for creating a connection between the app/website and the users. They revitalize the interaction process while keeping the users’ attention intact. They also serve as an important element of user experience. This is a brilliant way to hook the users.

Mascots can help you enhance the users’ experience effectively. For example, in an email newsletter service called MailChimp, Freddie, an ambassador of MailChimp emerges on each page while performing a different role and drawing the attention of a user in a distinct way.

Illustrations for Tutorials and Onboarding

Do you know the service that illustrations provide? They provide the visual aid. They clarify the messages by simmering the concepts down into easily-understood, engaging and mind-boggling visuals. Pictures convey an idea louder than the words and better the user experience. This is the reason why illustrations are becoming a mainstream phenomenon for tutorials and onboarding.

Onboarding screens bring the key features and app benefits to the limelight, inducing him to pay some heed. The illustrations, which are used during the process of onboarding enhances clarity, incorporates context and transcends a user to another step. When illustrations are conjoined with the minimal interface, they convey the right message without excessive words.

Quality of an Interactive Onboarding

It provokes the interest of users through application at an initial stage. In addition, it generates interest among users either by making them happy or eager to use an app. Illustrations and animations always go hand-in-hand.

By using illustrations, you can easily turn a monotonous and long tutorial into a joyful and interesting experience. An instruction manual that is peppered with images is faster and easier to understand than a comprehensive explanation. The apps and sites, which don’t integrate traditional style throughout their website can use cartoons as a probe to convey an idea through tutorials and instructions.

Illustrations for the reward screens

Have you ever played video games? Almost everyone who has played video games is familiar with a rewarding experience of a video game. Each video game has a wide array of trophies, accomplishments, and achievements that are acquired by fulfilling a particular set of criteria. Even the phrase ‘Achievement Unlocked’ has become closely associated with successful completion of the task. Why is it significant to get a reward? It enhances an interface experience for a user, making him believe there is an actual human at the other end, not a machine.

Rewarding invokes certain human emotions and sentiments that motivate a user to complete more challenges in a game. Furthermore, a user also forgives the shortcomings of an app, if it has a strong rewarding system.

Scrolling and Long-Form Content

Scrolling is not a new trend but a fundamental function of browsing applications and web. Nowadays, we are observing more of the implementation of long-form content and long-scroll content on larger-screened and desktop devices to provide exceptional users’ experience.
The more comfortable users are becoming with reading content on smaller-screened devices over a couple of years, many designers have started following a trend of long-form content and user-friendly interfaces on large screens.

This makes users to scan a large amount of content in a fluid and single motion without getting removed by an interruption or navigation. It is an interesting mechanic that works seamlessly across all mediums of content and devices ranging from news stories, long-form journalism to landing pages.


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