7 Elements of A Good Public Relation For Businesses

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Public Relations work as a communication bridge between an individual and organization (such as corporate, small businesses or non-profit) to effectively convey meaningful information. Now days, several industries consider Public Relations as a crucial medium of marketing communication to gain exposure to their audience.

Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad” – Richard Branson.

As a part of our effort to bring you close to what PR is, today we bring you some of the key elements of Public Relations:

Elements of a good Public Relations

What your client wants to hear’ and ‘what your client needs to hear’ are two different things. A good PR should always tell their client of what they need to hear. A good PR will always recognize the best PR strategy for your product or service or all the efforts will turn in vein which will not benefit anyone.

Below are some points to keep in mind while designing a Public Relations strategy.

1 – Planning:

Planning is one of the crucial elements for a successful Public Relation. Before you start writing, you should always know about these below points:

  • You should be clear about your objectives
  • Know about your potential target audience
  • What types of outlets you’ll be pitching.


2 – Storytelling:

It’s been said that good stories happen to those who can narrate them well. Enhancing your storytelling chops will make whatever you’re writing—whether you are writing on a press release, corporate profile or a Facebook update & yes that’s more engaging.


3 – Empathy:

When it comes to successfully execute an effective Public Relation, it is always recommended to put yourself in the readers’ shoes and always keep focus on what your audience wants to hear, their interests and all their needs for a good and reliable story rather than yours or your client’s.


4 – Context:

You should always clear about this major concern. Always try to help journalists—and their readers as well — don’t hesitate to understand the extensive impact of your story and knowing the facts that how it fits into the larger context of your industry, your community or the world.


5 – Flow:

There is no doubt that good writing has a rhythm that brings the reader along like a catchy melody. It is always recommended to pay proper attention to the approach you transition between where you put your paragraph breaks, ideas and even the sounds of the individual words and sentences. 


6 – Structure:

In order to carry out a fruitful public Relation campaign, you should always know the method you establish a story—which concepts you present and in what order—can have a major impact on whether a reader hits delete button halfway through the first paragraph or take interest and reads it all the way till the end.


7 – Accuracy:

Although you are good at writing, but do always remember that it won’t matter how best you are in writing if you get your facts wrong in front of your audience. So, it is always recommended to check your story for the appropriate facts.


Closing Thoughts:

A good PR is always measurable, that effectively leverages pre-existing relationships with influencer’s from various industries. Don’t forget that relationships built on trust and credibility earned over years of service.

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