5 Top Tips to Drive Web Traffic on Your Businesses Website

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Today, most digital marketers use to ask this popular question about “how to drive more visitors to websites?” Well, the answer is easy, you can drive more web traffic to your website once your website gets enough exposure among people surfing over the internet. Once people start coming to your site, you’ll notice a good traffic flow on your website.


But, bring your website successfully in front of potential visitors is not an easy task. All you need is continued efforts and unique strategies in order to attract more visitors.


So, below are 5 simple yet powerful online marketing strategies used by most digital marketers to drive more traffic to their business websites on a regular basis:


Tips to Generate Web Traffic on a Website

1- Social Media Marketing


Today, people are more active on social networking sites to get latest updates and news on a daily basis. Although, social media was started for personal use, but later it’s adopted by major brand and companies as a tool to communicate with their customers and promote their services. It’s said that “63% of companies using social media to increase their marketing effectiveness” – HubSpot


But, before you move further, it’s very important for you to know more about social media marketing and its benefits. Also, in order to get more web traffic, make a great online presence of your brand on those social media sites where your most customers are available.


Share quality content and listen to queries of your customers, offer some discounts or giveaways on a regular basis, which will eventually drive more traffic to your site.


2- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


In order to drive a good amount of web traffic to your site, it’s essential to successfully execute all your SEO related jobs. It is true that most people looking for services and products use search engines like Google or Bing to find them.


There is no doubt, if your business website has gained high rank for a specific keyword related to your business, you will receive lots of organic web traffic to your website.


Generating quality backlinks from other related websites is one of the best ways to effectively optimize your SEO strategy and make your website search engine friendly.


3- Pay Per Click (PPC)


Pay Per Click or well known as PPC is advertising facility provided by the renowned search engines such as (Google, Bing and Yahoo) where you bid and pay to achieve the top placement. The highest bidder gets the top placement, but it also depends on the other factors.


PPC is a quick method to get the first-page placement of your website on the specific keywords in search results. But, do remember, you have to pay every time a user clicks on your ads to reach your website.


Start with making a budget accordingly and stick to it. Also, ensure to perform regular analysis on your account to improve it further.

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4- Guest Posting or Article Writing


Guest posting or Articles publishing is one of the greatest tools for digital marketers. It helps in increasing your SEO efforts and gets you quality back links to your website. Also, it is more effective in order to get exposure for your website.


You can start guest posting on the sites which cover tips, trends, and news related to your business. By writing guest posts or articles on the topic related to your products or services, you can offer these write ups to other websites for publishing.


When any other website owners publish your articles on their websites, they will also publish your author bio, in which you can provide links to your website.


When any of their visitors read your articles and shows interest to know more about your products, services, and business, they’ll visit your website via the hyperlinks you have placed at the bottom of your articles or on your author bio.


5- Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate or referral Marketing is another best way to increase traffic on your website with more effective manner. The affiliate program is a great method where selected affiliates working as commissions-based sales persons who get commissions when they refer or sell your products via their own website, blogs or forums.


Affiliate marketers help in to drive traffic to your website and charge commissions on sales. It also helps you to track records of your ROI.


If in case you don’t have that much of time and you can’t manage affiliates program yourself, you can always subscribe to any good affiliate network such as ShareASale, Avangate and Revenue Wire.


Affiliate marketplaces are able to display your products to thousands of potential affiliates who are searching for products to sell online.



Believe it or not, but any online business will die if it fails to drive traffic to their websites. If you already got engaged in your online business, it’s the right time for you to work out on these online marketing strategies to bombardment it with healthier traffic.

The above mentioned 5 online marketing strategies are real time tested & proven methods to increase traffic to a website.


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