Top 5 Alternatives of Hootsuite for Social Media Management

alternatives of hootsuite

The power of social media is now conspicuous and individuals from around the world are using it for building new businesses and uniting people for a cause. With almost every other person on these social media platforms, it has got easier for businesses to reach out to their target audience.

Social media management tools like Hootsuite have added to experience of a building an online business. Advent of Hootsuite has simplified analytics and have leveraged businesses with power to get more done in lesser time.

User friendly interface, single dashboard window, post scheduling facility and one click analytics report generation are some of the unique selling proportions of the hoot suite social media management tool.

While Hootsuite continues to help businesses use analytical data for creating way more targeted ads and reaching out to customers without wasting anytime but it has grown old and as they say “You cannot expect new results, by doing the same thing over and over again” hence it is becoming indispensable for businesses to put their trust and money on new and improved social media management tools.


Top Alternatives of Hootsuite for Social Media Management

1. Kalbos:

A contemporary social media management application that enables organizations to generate insights, collect social media acumen, connect with audience and discover relevant keywords, all of these from One Single Dashboard.

Kalbos is the much-needed concurrent tool that promises to bridge the gap between organizations and their customer base.

What makes Kalbos one of the best alternatives of Hootsuite?

• Powerful Dashbaord: Every social media management tool comes with a dashboard but only a few have a dashboard as powerful as the one Kalbos has. The Kalbos dashboard supports varied social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

This smartly developed dashboard allows more control over the content development and management. An admin can easily reach out to the customer through the dashboard and respond to their queries. The fact that an admin can extract data through this dashboard makes Kalbos an indispensable application for the modern day businesses.

• A ton of features and tools integrated on the platform: Kalbos is one of those rare platforms that provide a ton of features without compromising on speed and quality user experience. One can easily use the application to discover ‘Quality Influencers for their Brands’, ‘Track mentions’, ‘Discover Hashtags’, and ‘Identify areas that requires more Focus’.

2. Sendible:

Speed, accuracy and exceptional user experience are the few adjectives that define Sendible in the best way possible. when it comes to top alternatives of Hootsuite, this one tools has a set of features that can help businesses move in the right direction without revisiting their marketing strategy.

Pros of Sendible social media management tool:

• Supports bulk scheduling for varied social media platforms.

• Makes efficient use of RSS-feed and in built content library for improving overall impact of social media marketing.

• Automation tools allow businesses to drive engagement on their own.

• Sendible has a mobile-based application for Android and IPhone users.

3. Social Booster:

Social Booster covers the shortcomings of Hootsuite like progress monitoring, profile management and offline management of businesses.

What makes social booster better than Hootsuite?

• Social Booster supports SMM needs for small businesses and also for solo entrepreneurs.

• Allows scheduling of posts for over a month in advance and also keeps your social media pages active even when you are offline.

• Social Booster is an expert at driving traffic from your YouTube channel and other social media accounts including LinkedIn.

4. Buffer:

Buffer is one of the most talked about but least used social media management application. Buffer grew popular among the entrepreneurs and organizations because of the Free Image generation tool it provided the users with.

Pros of Buffer as a social media management tool:

• Provides you with a free access to image generation tool, which can be used for generation high quality social media posts.

• Advance scheduling and bulk scheduling are the USPs of this platform.

• Uses RSS feed and improved algorithms for driving traffic.

5. Agro Pulse:

Real time sync, social media inbox, review and filter, and assigning options are the features that makes Agro Pulse one of the top 5 alternatives of Hootsuite for social media management.

What are the other features that make Agro Pulse a competent social media management tool?

• Use of quality graphic in analytics report makes it easier for organizations to identify areas that require focus.

• Leverages the organization with the power to categorize audience for better reach out.

• Simple user interface allows easy allocation of resources and post scheduling.

What do we take away from looking at the varied social media management tools?

One thing that every business needs to understand today is their customers; gone are the days when a single campaign was good enough for everyone; today businesses need to categorize their audience and reach out to them on varied platforms through varied channels and these social media management tools are going to play an important role in it.

Social media management tools when used efficiently and in synchronization with marketing strategy can do wonders for the organization and its reputation. They can also assist in customer management and retention only to help the organization thrive.


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